Figgy & Co

Made for you by the Figgy family.
Forget the chemical waffle

Figgy & Co are cleaning products with ingredients you actually recognise. They’re safe, and good for the earth and your home. As we put it in Figgy’s Brand Bible – it’s not rocket science, it’s just cleaning.

Jane, founder, (also straight-up awesome) was looking for a clear direction for her marketing and brand personality. She wanted to up-level her marketing and needed to stay consistent across all customer touch-points, whilst staying top-of-mind for customers. We needed consistency and clarity – without being boringly lost in the sea of green-washing companies.

The solution? A Brand Bible to nail down everything Figgy (and Jane) stands for. We solidified her values, explored the brand’s point of difference, and created a kick-ass brand personality and voice.

Gettin' it done

Next up, I dived deep into her dream customer’s head and built a target audience profile outline their needs, wants and desires. This goes way past demographics and focuses primarily on psychographics and real customer data.

The cherry on top was a suite of Brand Tools (messaging statements, copy hooks, taglines, a word-bank), so that Jane could create her own marketing or engage a social media team.



Credit: Design and visual identity by Idyllic.

Jane says...

“Rachel is the real deal – your business is in safe copywriting hands with Frankly Write. Rachel takes the time to really get your business and your people – it’s intensive, but the process works a treat. The Brand Bible we developed for Figgy is bloody awesome – I use it everyday!”

Aw. Thanks Jane.

From the bible
Value Statement
"Staying Real"
"We're here to get stuff done, no fluffing about. Whether it's doing the cleaning, or ridding our homes of toxic chemicals, we're onto it. If things need changing (and they do), we get it done straight away. It's a practical approach; there's a solution, we find it, then we do it."
Messaging Statements
"We think it's time to embrace the chaos, make it clean, and help the earth while doing it."

"Bubbles are cute, but they're not the key to keeping your home clean. Our soap provides just enough bubbles to clean things up, without putting them in there just for looks."

"Cleaning that actually works."