Hi, I'm Rachel (not Frankly)

Consider Frankly the deity who brings others into her fold. I promise that this isn’t a cult centered around her very being - it’s simply a casual gathering of like-minded people.

And me? Well, I'm the nerd behind Frankly, tapping away at my laptop. This is the part where I get to go on a bit about my credentials, a degree in something word-y and marketing-y, 10+ years of advertising experience, and a bunch of happy clients. There we go that bit's done.

The important part is that I get how fu*king great your product is, and I'm here to put that into words.

My copy studio specializes in working with companies ready to stand out in their industry, with expertise in product marketing, brand strategy, copywriting, and SEO.

If you ask me (and, you probably are at this point), I'd describe myself as a brand-obsessed nerd, just looking for the right project to make some magic.

Rachel has saved me so much time and helped me make more money with amazing copy!!

I used to spend hours stressing over writing and never being happy. Now I just outsource it all to Frankly Write and never have to write anything myself ever again (except this review, it would be weird if I got them to write this). Rachel took the time to really understand my brand, totally 'got' me, and hits it out of the park every time. Could not recommend highly enough!
Michelle, Owner, Show & Tell Photography

I'm literally shaking with excitement.

I know that BMC is going to be something so bloody special and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.
Emily, Founder, Blue Monday Club

The Brand Bible for Figgy is bloody awesome!

Rachel is the real deal - your business is in safe copywriting hands with Frankly Write. Rachel takes the time to really get your business and your people - it's intensive, but the process works a treat. The Brand Bible we developed for Figgy is bloody awesome - I use it everyday!
Jane, Owner, Figgy & Co


You asked, I answered. Or, they asked, and I answered in anticipation of you asking. Someone is asking and I'm answering.

Quickie Services and DIY tools are all priced on their pages. Easy peasy. Working 1:1 is a custom quote because you're special and there are always variables. But because I'm not a dick and know you might just want a peep, I've created a Pricing and Services Guide that you can download, with price ranges and indicators. Grab it from my contact page.

Na probably not. For me, swears are a part of the English language that I play with just like every other word, and, while your girl here likes a swear or three, they don't work for 90% of brands. If they do (hello rebels) I'll suggest how to use them and make sure it's on-brand.

Nope. I'm Rachel, Frankly is just some cult-leader who keeps shoving herself all over my website. Consider her the epitome of rebellion, the cult-leader everyone can't help but follow. She's got the goods, the looks, and the talent to pull off the wildest of creative stunts. I'm just the nerd behind it all.

A brand is made up of a lot of things - a personality, a voice, copy, content, vibe, visuals, logo... The only parts I don't do are the visuals and logos...the rest is my jam! I partner with Idyllic studios for design cause they're flippin' talented and our vibes create actual magic together! I've also got a little black book of talented designers with different flavours if you need something a bit different.

I specialize in creating brands and copy for products, e-com and packaging. But if you like the look of things around here, and you're a service, pop me a line and we'll chat!

I understand 100%, marketing is an absolute minefield and there's a million different experts telling you where to start and what to do. Here's what we can do together! 1. Download my Pricing and Services Guide for more details and/or 2. Book in for a free 15 minute chat, tell me about your business, and we'll figure it out! I'll then send you a detailed proposal with different options. Easy as.

Fashion, skincare, haircare, furniture, lawyers, doctors...if you like my vibe we'll be a good fit. My experience and creative strategies mean that *whatever* I'm creating for has a strategic plan and a perfectly fitting brand voice. We all know by now I'm a slut for products but I work with some incredible people across a broad range of industries.

it's not just about words

They're cute and clever, but growing a brand takes strategy and nuance. We're talking personality, culture, voice, messaging, point of difference - she takes work to grow, and goddamn I love it all.

Throw in some fuckin' brilliant copy and marketing psychology and you've got yourself your very own cult leader.