Bold Population

When average isn't an option, you go bold.
F*ck playing small

Bold Population came to Frankly as a completely fresh brand. Founder, Varn, wanted a voice to match the name of this amazing lash serum, with room to potentially expand in the future. The voice needed to be in your face, and abso-fucking-lutely bold.

We started by creating a Brand Voice – she’s gonna sound as good as she looks. In this I created a number of tagline options, including my faves (and the key players for the brand), “Average is not an option”, and “F*ck playing small, you deserve more.”

Next up I created the copy for the external packaging and the launch gift box. To wrap it all up I knocked out some incredible (and yes, I will say so myself) website copy. All optimized for User Experience, the brand voice, and conversions (aka sales babyyyy).

Work created

Brand Voice

Product Package & Gift Box Copy

Website Copy

From the Bible

“When only BIG will do.”

“Want it thicker, longer, stronger…?
No, not that. Your LASHES you flirt.”

“Want it bold? Like it big?
We do too.”


Client: Bold Population

Credit: Design and all visual identity by Idyllic.