Twisted Citrus

Grab a little bite of joy
Fresh, ripe, begging to be eaten

When Bron came to me she was looking for a way to truly elevate her brand. Twisted Citrus delivers the freshest fruit across NZ, and we needed to showcase this in a way that reflected the brand values of quality, connection, and customer service.

I created a Brand Bible for Bron that positioned Twisted Citrus in a unique market all of its own; one that inspires indulgence, whilst enjoying the sheer simplicity that is good, fresh fruit

Work Created

Brand Bible

Website Copy

Copy Templates

Product Descripitions

SEO Strategy

Bron says...
“I absolutely LOVE Rachel’s work. Seriously feel like it’s the first time I have absolute clarity on our brand, who we are talking to and how we talk to them. Love love the big idea and editorial piece – she absolutely nails it. I’ve used this Bible so many times already across our web design, email flows – everything!”
Stawppp it Bron. But also don’t I love it.
From the bible

Lemon curd as it should be; simple, sweet, and tangy.”

“A touch of inspiration, straight from nature.”

“This is what fruit’s supposed to taste like. Sticky fingers, bare feet in the grass, a bite straight from the tree and juice running down your chin.”


Client: Twisted Citrus

Credit: Website by Online Designs