Quiz: Do quizzes work?

Proven with maths
Ok so there's not actually a quiz here, but we are talking about quizzes.
And, specifically, why your website should have one
(yes I see the irony, shhhh).
Yes, you should have one

Yea, I seriously don’t have a quiz on here, I know it’s weird. But you should have one. They work, and I have the math to prove it.

They are one of the most powerful lead generation tools, but not just because they literally capture leads (which they happen to be very good at).

👇Here’s the math on lead generation👇

Math – The average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate – End of Math.

The hidden lead generation

In my opinion it’s the HIDDEN lead generation stuff that truly makes my Brand Strategist heart sing a happy little song for quizzes.

Because while it’s not possible to capture everything as direct data/ROI etc etc, it doesn’t mean the other lead generation aspects of a quiz aren’t powerful. To me, it’s the unsung brand power of a quiz, combined with email leads, that make them bloody great. Well, unsung until I started singing it in my lil brand-y heart.

Hidden Lead Generation

👻#1 It’s on-brand content and gives you a massive chance to show your brand personality and basically brag about how cool you are. Entertain, inform…all the good things to keep you in the tippy-top of your customers mind.

👻#2 You show you’re the expert on your product by giving additional knowledge about the problem your product solves, oh wise-one.

👻#3 You engage you website audience which keeps them on your site LONGER (Google/SEO are frothing), AND keeps them thinking about your brand for a little bit longer (increasing brand recognition next time they see you).

👻#4 Give specific recommendations based on the quiz results and increase the chance of sales through that personalization.

👻#5 Grow that email list, convert and retarget.

But I want to track everything?

Sometimes, as above, you can’t track the ROI/KPI of everything directly. But your branding is still doing all the heavy lifting, and then it all weaves together in some matrix-y style thing that makes your brand STICK in the minds of your customers and slowly but surely take over as though it’s some kind of cult leader deity.

I personally like using Typeform (not affiliated), but there are loads of good platforms out there.

If you’re thinking about creating a quiz but you’ve been on the fence GO DO IT.



P.S. I can 100% make you one too (what’s a segue?). Blimmin’ great add-on for  Brand Bible and Website packages.