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Same. But not in a weird way. WE’RE PROFESSIONAL.

These services are bloody good and super helpful. Good if you need to get things movin’.
Ring-ring, calling the expert

Sometimes you just need to get something underway. It might be that your website refresh is in 6 months time but it currently feels too blurgh to send customers to. Or maybe you’re launching new products and need to make sure the product descriptions are poppin’.

I’m just at the other end of the hotline baby.

“I’ve just used the Quickie service (Website Copy Audit). I was gob-smacked by the amount of useful and practical info! Everything was super easy to implement and has led me on a journey to improve my website even further. Thanks Rach.” – Jacki, Bohemian Soul

In, out, still really good
Website Copy Audit
Not sure wtf is happening with your site? Need to know how to make it sound cooler and get more ‘Buy Now’ clicks? I’ll do a page-by-page copy analysis, and send it through as a video you can watch and follow along with.

It's all about nailing those quick and easy-to-make changes that’ll have a massive impact.

Cost: $369 per 5 pages
Copy Review & Critique
Send me your 1-page piece of copy and I’ll give you an honest af review of how to make it better. Practical, straight-up advice that works asap, and will help you next time you write.

This is good for things like emails, lead magnet pages, and blogs (for web pages grab the Website Copy Audit).

Cost: $69 per page
Landing & Sales Page Critique
If you've got a long-form sales page, all hot and ready to launch a new service, let's give it a professional run over to make sure it's primed for conversions.

These bad boys are like mini one-page websites in themselves, so they've gotta lift that weight! I'll send through a loom video with actionable and practical steps for you to implement straight away.

Cost: $269 per page