Google only knows what we tell him.
Wise up and tell him what's what.
Google knows everything. Right?

Even about what you do. Because he’s so smart (but also oblivious to eye-rolls).

He’s the guy in your face at every party, shouting loudly about how much he knows about your industry.

Actually Google, actually, you only know what we tell you.

Hey Google, respectfully, shhhhh
If he's gonna start yelling at us we reckon it's time to set him straight.
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On-Page Strategy
Targeted content strategy that includes a page-by-page audit for best SEO
practice, strategic keyword research, and a content strategy for 3 months.

We're gonna serve him the good stuff. Blog posts and content that increase his vocabulary and show him we're the expert. He'll be singing your praises in no time.
Complete Audit & Strategy
More traffic, more conversion, more sales.
Includes a comprehensive technical audit, strategic keyword research, content strategy, web consultation, and growth strategy.

The more Google listens to you, the more he wants to tell people how great you are. The more people that know you, the more traffic you get, and the more sales you make. Sweet deal.
Monthly Retainer
The strongest recommendation for ongoing growth and higher conversion rates.
This includes a Complete SEO Strategy on month 1, followed by strategic implementation of strategy results, content creation of a minimum of 2 blogs, monthly auditing, keyword observations and conversion tracking.
Minimum of 6 months in order to see growth through strategy.

We're gonna lay it out for Google in the best possible way, and have him coming back for more.