Start a religion
Say a little prayer to you

Marketing psychology mingled with creativity, gets incredible results. A brand behind your business gets you noticed. It’s the difference between a transaction that gets forgotten, and an experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

With a brand strategy in place your messaging will convert. You’ll pull your customers in. They’ll remember you, and love you.

Brand Bible
A bible? Really?
This is a document you’re going to want to hold close to your soul.

It’s a guide for your messaging and your marketing. It defines who you are, what makes you different, and how to say it to the world.

You can throw it at anyone who needs to know about, or create for, your brand. They’ll absolutely froth over it.
Who Uses it
Marketers (hint hint), you, designers, copywriters (cough cough hi), investors…maybe not Janice from accounts though (sorry Janice).
Tap-Tap Open Up! Here's What's Inside

Values: Who you are. And no, it’s not “passionate” OK? These values are purposeful, aligned, and a game-changer.

Mission Statement: What you stand for. Your heart and soul.

Brand Discriminators: What makes you you. You’re different and we bloody love it.

Personality: Your brand’s unique archetype.

Brand Behaviours: How you act across all of your marketing and copy.

Brand Rules: How to be consistent.

Target Market: Your dream customer and what makes them tick.

Brand Voice + Tone: How you sound.

Messaging examples: What you say to make sales (the sum of all the parts).

This is how you stand out
This is the secret to killer marketing.
It all starts here.

Download the not-so-secret Pricing and Service guide from the contact page to learn more.

Let Me Prove It To You

“Rachel takes the time to really get your business and your people – it’s intensive, but the process works a treat.

The Brand Bible we developed for Figgy is bloody awesome – I use it everyday!”

Does your brand do one of these things?

If it does I reckon we’re probably a good fit.

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Cheers to making Brand-History together.