You're reading mine.
And I'm about to write yours.
Be Franked. Be Revolutionary. Be Worshipped.

Rebels and rule-breakers, we ride at dawn.

I’ll write you copy that uses UX and Marketing Psychology to get you conversions.

Because yes, sounding fucking cool is…well…cool. But this is about getting you sales and an obsessed following. 

Marketing psychology and creativity is the perfect mix.

All the copy, all the time
Your website makes you sales.
They’re your 24/7 employee.
And when it’s perfectly crafted in your brand voice, it also sounds damn good.
Don’t feel like writing your copy all the time? Busy doing all-the-other-things?

Let’s get cozy with an ongoing relationship, and make sure your copy converts into sales.

Blogs (SEO included)
Email flows
Monthly newsletters (but cool ones)
Lead magnets and quizzes
Copy that literally makes your product jump into the hands of your audience. They’ll be obsessed.

Brand Voice
Product copy
Packaging copy
Website copy
Get clever with your brand.

Frankly, why is other copy so boring?

Look. The short answer is that it shouldn’t be.

The long answer is that often it is. I don’t know why. Probably the patriarchy or something.

The Cult Building Doctrine

Marketing Psychology

Conversion Focus

Customer Journey Optimization

User Experience (UX)

Brand Strategy

SEO Optimization

If they’re going to succumb to a higher power, it may as well be you.


It’s a well-known secret that cults also need a bible. A brand bible.